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Our world is crumbling. Demon armies have marched through their horrid portals on a genocidal campaign. As if the blood-thirsty monsters were not enough, a plague swept over the lands and claimed nearly every human left standing. Fate gave us control over the mysterious magical forces fueling the demon troops; those of us left may yet survive. Our civilization is ruined, our leaders are dead, and our hope is a fleeting dream.

Humanity needs a catalyst to change their course in this war. Join the tattered remains of our species in this long-form role playing game. Weave a rich story between a game master and a group of survivors in this alternate-present reality. Embody compelling characters with Catalyst’s classless character system. Engage in tense battles with our unique card-based combat. Attempt to save the world or just live to see the next day.


Its important to note that this wiki is fan-driven. While stats and examples are often drawn from the rules, supplements, and campaigns, nothing is canonical, per se. Obviously Catalyst RPG belongs to Cherry Picked Games, and nothing on this site is meant to challenge or profit from their intellectual property.

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