House Rules
  • Combat
    • Recoil: -1 AttMod per Shots fired. Reset by taking any other action between shots.
    • Changing Targers: -2 per change of targets in the round (ie, Shot 1 at target 1, Shot 2 is -2 at target 2)
  • Experience
    • Failure to accomplish a goal, but still learning important information: 25xp
    • Accomplishing a goal moving the story forward: 50xp
    • Accomplishing a goal moving the story forward, at risk of death: 100xp
  • Economy
    • Barter Value: Going to borrow the rules flat out from Twilight 2000 (2013 edition).
    • Everything has an assigned Barter Value (BV) Examples: .38 Special is about 130BV, an Assault Rifle is about 600BV
    • Trade just results in equal BVs… so for example, a person could probably trade 4x(.38 Special) for an (Assault Rifle)
    • BVs should be modified based on conditions… for example, if everyone is starving, then food BV might be doubled or more
    • Currency:
      • British Sovereign (7.32BV)
      • South African Krugerrand (31.10BV)
      • Demonic Dime (1.00BV)
      • Demonic Finger (0.10BV)
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